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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Free from report.. XD

I'm now temporally FREE....

Ok lar.. Just a simple shout out here. As usual, we are still like to eat nice food. We are still like to shopping around KL. We are still like to hang out until late night. We are still "pok kai-ing". And u know what, I am still always staying outside instead of hostel. Heee~ Because hostel got time restriction. Don't know why I always do report until over time. So... Sorry my roomate. =)

Recently, we like to go one place to eat icezzz. Show Flake. Yay. Like the Bestseller a lot. Nothing much. Interpret from the picture please.

Another big project is Shuhong used only newspaper to build a bridge that can carry at least 20 kilograms. Hmmm... But i think he manage to pass this project. Really, they waste a lot of time in just rolling the newspaper into a hard rock solid. Then after finish the bridge. Here is his victory face. =)

Today, I done my first dissect in monash. Dissect a toad. A skinny toad. A female toad. A got no egg de female toad. Shame shame la u, others female got so many egg why u got so little... XD Anyway, she sure will be proud because she is dissected by ME....

She internal organ in arranged properly outside her body.

But i pray before i cut her. Hope that she won't come find me at night. AMITOFOO~ HALELUYAA~ God bless ya. Stay happy in heaven little froggie.

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