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Monday, July 27, 2009


Started my sem 2 with food poisoning and gastric problem. When all of these recover, continue with cough and fewer. Maybe because of the environment of KL, very serious haze and one of my friend is sick, so we all are infected by her, flu+fewer+cough+sore throat= die-ing.

Doctor say if after three day still haven recover then we will be suspected as H1N1 carrier. Omg~ Shilei already fewer for three day. Immediately rush to clinic and decided to take blood test, and the result came out this evening. Result is inside the blood contain unknown virus, need to go bigger hospital for medical check-up, SUSPECTED H1N1. Arghhh~ Then we all also H1N1 d lor.. =.=

The most funny things happen, Wanting cried, poor thing. Lol~ Don't worry lar. The virus not yet confirm is H1N1 also, calm down. Then we rush to Sunway Medical Centre for check-up, finally, the doctor say it was just a common flu, nothing serious, no worries.

Calm down myself, and Shuhong's sick is getting more and more serious. What should I do? Should i go back hostel by tomorrow as my plan or should i continue stay at Shuhong's house to take care of him??

Hmmmm~ Feel so miserable. Just start sem 2 then got so many things happen.

Seem like this is a hard time for us to over come.

Work hard and stay healthy.

God bless.

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