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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Coming back

On the way back to penang with driving speed 150. = =

When reach dear's home, dear and me is kissed by these two toy puddle.
But after a few day, they brought to have some haircut, erm...
become Jiwawa. = =

Guess what... I set my hair for the first time in my life in the first year first sem of my uni, first summer holiday of my uni, first in my 18 years, first with my dear. Haha~ I have no idea what I'm doing when I'm in the saloon, just a thinking that i wana try new thing. Follow dear to the saloon he booked, after the handsome guy suggestion for my hair style, i only realize that the saloon i went last time is lousy and they cut my hair one short one long. Hmmm~ I think the aunty is really sick.

After a long long wait, my face become like that. And dear is keep walking here and there because he also "sien" already.

And the handsome he, after his 满意 haircut.

Ok this is me. With my 满意 hair also. Heee~ =)

Guess who is at the back? XD

Hey guys, 玉米烫+离子烫,will become how har?
Wana know answer then come and meet me... Heee~
Johor-iansss... U all wait for starting of sem 2 lar... Muahahahhaha

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