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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Quickie Update AGAIN

Currently less update my blog. Many people will ask why. I'm good in giving reason, first reason, I'm preparing for my exam, it is just few more days to go. Second reason is the situation of my laptop now is in sick, symptoms is the keyboard collapse into it, system totally cannot run. Wow~ So suck lar...

Actually now i should be laying on my bed, in the progress of sleeping, as my dear 'order'. But since it is the last day i stay in penang, home sweet home, i think i should write something to keep as a memory, so that future i can understand the stress i having right now.

Exam is just few more day to go. Starting from last few week, i start to feel the stress in university. Start to regret last time skipping class so frequent and not paying attention when in lecture. Every time i decided to start to work hard, then i will chose to sleep in the early morning instead of attending the lecture. Such a pig isn't?!

A typical post that viewer will saw before or after the exam period. I know it is boring, but i just need to release.

By the way, a quickie update for recently life in penang. I have ate the cha kuey tiao, bang zhang gui, curry mee, chu qiong fan, fatty low western food, indian fried mee and dinner cooked by my aunt. These food i have miss for so long since i in KL.

Tomorrow 7 or 8p.m something i will reach sunway with dear. Hope everything will run smooth.


and of course
all my friend in Monash

GOOD LUCK ya all~

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