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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Going to end SOON

Management we need to answer 5 structure theory question, 1 long essay, and correction in citation and this all only given 2 hours. It was like OMFG~ How I'm going to finish so many in just 2 hours time. So when the exam starts, I rush here and there, NON-STOP. Feeling dizzy some more because last night didn't sleep well due to it is the first subject for final exam, another OMFG~ And tadaa.... In the end, I didn't manage to finish the last question in the structure and the conclusion of the long long long essay. U know what, management this subject is just like reading history book, because all the importance point is theory of the philosophyssss, and u need to try ur best to remember all.

But luckily the essay question i spotted correctly and came out exactly the same. After a few day, i heard from CheahChee that business subject (such as management) we need to pass all internal and external either then only can consider is pass, the third OMFG~ Means now i need to pray for 40 marks in my external.

Today morning, because shuhong's car is sent to the repair shop for maintanence, so i need to wake up 2 hours earlier to go CheahChee house and follow their car to school. Another exam I'm done in a dizzy situation, the fourth OMFG~ I nearly fall sleep and that time my brain is totally blank. Ok~ Finally finished the stupid biology exam, then i get another bad news. I need to go back penang on this friday, because shuhong's grandmother pass away and i need to accompany him. I thought we can rest for another 3 days then only continue chemistry test, and end up now we need to rush back penang. But what to do, this is unpredictable life and i can say this is the fifth OMFG~

Next coming will be chemistry, and I don't have any confident in this subject at all, because it is damnnnnn hard... Don't dare to imagine will appear how many OMFG in my life again. But this is the enjoyment to become a human, having a unpredictable life, and future will have more and more and more to face, learing to be tough either.

ps: shuhong is so happy with his new edited desktop
pss: i want to eat zanmai sushi sooo much
psss: i hate copy cat
pssss: i feel tired and this is just the first year first sem. How am i going to survive in the second year??? Who knows??


OMG~ This et is playing with the fake hair.
Having dinner at THE APARTMENT.
Can u spot us?
Zanmai~ I miss this sooo much..
While studying, we watching Resident Evil. Damn scary lar..

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