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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Quick Update =)

Recently i just keep updating myself. Of course, i know sure got people will curious about shuhong's recently uni life. Let me update it here.

Every monday, he will need to face a stupid experiment. Which can make the heart stop beating, hand keep shaking, stress and pressure is getting heavy and heavy in each day. Until monday the class come, experiment successfully run, then, fuyohhh~ congrat la~
see~ the last project he get in this sem.
So we decided to take pic as memory.
A very hard project!!!!

Then, now we have a group of friend come from johor. They all are very friendly. Almost everyday dinner we also eat together with them.
When dinner, they draw shuhong as this.
Lol~ so cute lar =)
Recently, i change a new contact lens.
Nice colour huh?
shuhong say like ghost.

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siewjuen said...

hey gerli;)
hows life going on?