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Monday, May 4, 2009


Just finish my:
~bio full report
~chem report

~management assignment 2
~study all subject

But i know i m still slacking around in Monash, Sunway, 1 Utama.
Omfg~ I should start to stop buying cloths and hanging around the street. My sem exam is just 1 month ahead. Omfg again~

Don't feel want to attend stat class again. Why am i keep thinking to skip class. "because the teacher is lousy, because the teacher teach d just like didn't teach, because the class time is too late, because i wana eat subway.. (lol)... " What the hell...


Above conversation is me talking to myself
Sorry for disturbing u all
Just wana shout out. (in the library) ==''

I should work HARD d..

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