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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fire drill + LCCT

Yesterday my school having fire drill when i'm having lab section. It was like "Walao~ What the hell is going on??"

I was doing my slide for microscope, who know suddenly the bell rang and the operator start to speaking.. " All student are require to walk out from your class to the field, you all are not allowed to use the elevator." Then my bio teacher start to shout, " you all just walk out of the class NOW... don't touch anything, if got handphone just take that then go out from here NOW.. GO~" Haha~ my teacher is so kan qiong...

Then we all walk to the field. Then... now only i realize i'm wearing lab glove and lab coat. So swt =='' Then all monash-ians like didn't saw people wear lab coat before, they just keep taking photo with their handphone and camera... Walao~ Xia sui lor... ==
But ourself also take picture lar... =) Quite special experience what..
All wearing lab coat.. =)

Yesterday when we at LCCT, our flight is delayed. Because the weather is not good. So we wait... wait... and wait... What to do?? Airasia mar...

Ok~ picture first. Then u will understand what we doing in airport to spend the two hours waiting..

Wow~ Surprise

Small small Eye.. =)

Act Sexy... XD

Happy!!!! ( because going back to penang )

Act Cool... ( Dear's 招牌动作 )

But finally we reach penang safely. "winks" =)

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