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Monday, April 6, 2009

EGG DROP. 100%

Last whole weekend, I'm helping my dear to do his physics project. EGG DROP. Because last time EGG RACE his group misused time then cause the whole project fail in the last. Result is he very sad and very pekcek ( pressure also). I don't want to see his sad face again, so i decided to help him as much as i can. I... help to eat egg~ =) When they fail, then the egg break then i eat, i think this is a kind of helping lar. =) They some more practice in monash car park. Walao~ So yeng.. XD Here is some pictures.

Dissapointed "bei ying" XD

We used 2 days to done the platform. But.... Unfortunely, we fail again in the testing. So, this kaikin want to face the wall and think for the wrong. His hand some more holding the egg. Is hard boiled egg. ==
See lar~ Thick face. Want to show his face some more.
But i don't understand ar.. Fail d still can smile ar???
Another day in library doing another platform.

Because the library's floor is carpet floor so we cannot use the floor to test. Guess what, Shuhong and Kaikin both take the hard boiled egg and the platform they done go to the toilet to test. So funny~ A special exprience also. =)

But luckily, his group managed to get the second place in the EGG DROP. Congratulation my dear. Quite happy either.

I know u very pressure.
Even when sleep u also will talking something about the EGG DROP stuff.
I didn't tell u because i don't want u to worry.
First time saw u pressure until like this.
Don't think so much.
Try ur best, i will help u as much as i can.
Remember, I always here.

So he wanted to buy PS3 i also didn't talk much. As long as u happy, nevermind then.

Thanks for the dress dear. =)
See~ His happy face, because he is waiting his new PS3. XD

Still got 3 days
I'm going back to penang with dear d


shuhong said...

Thanks for your contribution honey,
but still the same old advice....
read more english book >,<

love u .

g3r11 said...

y y y ??
This is my style... =)