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Saturday, April 18, 2009


My new hair style.
It is so funny
i also don't know how to describe with writing
The only reason i know is
i want to cover my hair-line
so that it won't fix forever
and result "botak".
Don't laugh kay.

And random pictures..
before hair cut.

Yesterday still laugh dear's hair look like small kid
but now i also look like a small kid d.


ShinRui said...
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ShinRui said...

gosh!your hair is so cute!
I'm NOT gonna cut this kinda hair in my whole life!lolz!
but you looks different with the new hair style~just not so like u...I'm still prefer the previous wan~lol

Cheah Chee said...

good try. dun worry frindge will grow fast one

khor jiexun said...

walao is that you, gerli?
could shu hong recognize you?

vvc said...

happy wif ur new hair?
las time when i 1st rebonded my hair oso with this style eh =D
looks diff lu u =D

g3r11 said...

Shinrui: actually i kinda regret to cut ler..
coz not nice de
CC: yayaya.. i m waiting it to be longer..
JX: hmmm... shuhong say v cute wor.. =)
VV: yaya.. look different alot.. when i look at the mirror i also ll kena scare.. haha.. =)