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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool

Today morning 12 a.m:

Housemate A: Xiaoway~ my sister find u... faster go find her... she is inside her room..
Xiaoway (my roomate): Wait... I'm busying now... Later lar..
Housemate A: What lar... now lar... go find her..
Xiaoway: Okie lar... Hanla~

Xiaoway: Wei~ u find me ar??
Housemate's sister: (she is sleeping) What lar~ I where got find u... WTF~
Xiaoway: ==''

Housemate A: Hahaha~ April Fool~
Xiaoway: ==''

12.00 p.m:

CheahChee: Hey~ later chem lab extension until 7 p.m
Gerli: What lar... U don't bluff me lar... I know today is April Fool...

when in chem lab
CheahChee:U know why just now i tell u class got extension?
Gerli: I don't know.
CheahChee: Because u r same group with me, so i scare if i tell u class cancel then u didn't come d then i have no group member. So i say class extension..
Gerli: What the... ==

CheahChee: Wahaha~ April Fool.. =)

This year i didn't get fool..
i'm clever d..


cctan18 said...

clever you and clever me! xD

g3r11 said...

lol... reali zha dao lor..