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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Retarded... Not me..

I normally will spend my weekend with my friend in cheras.
And they all is retarded and siao one.
Haha~ But nvm.
I think it is fun for me to spend time with them

Just some pic
Showing I'm ok in KL.

Because that day is Ah Mei's concert so we jam in the traffic.
and boring so we start to ki siao

Just imagine what she is trying to do..
some say she is trying to kill herself in the car..
but actually she is trying to scare the driver beside us in the traffic..
lame right??
but funny neither..

and this.. she is a pretty girl but don't know why
she can act until that face..
haha~ lame also...

another retarded pic.
so ugly..

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