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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My dream

I want you soooo much...

Why my dad don't let me change phone
I really regret why last time i buy this stupid sony erricson
( for others sony erricson user or sony erricson liker, I'm here to apologize if I accidentally scolded your favourate brand )

But really~ I want this phone sooo much...
When my dad say he not allow
I was thinking to find some part time work to earn money
so that i can buy it myself without any permission
because the money is I earn myself de..
But only thing is I only can work in weekend
weekday i need to study hard

If I work and save money by myself
i need to wait for 2 months only will enough money
It was like "wtf"~

money money money...
come to me please
from anywhere...
sky? toilet hole? long kang? TOTO? jackpot? or inside the shit?
O~ please... come to me please....
I need you..


Omar Tan said...

yup, me also want money!!!! money money, where are you! I miss you money!!!!

Well you want "The Tube" I want an iPhone!!! But its like soo expensive, total cost of phone+1 year contract = ~RM3.2k :'(


g3r11 said...

lol... actually that package d very cheap d...
last time 1 i phone cost 2k over... worth lar... =)
anyway.. my dad promise to buy dat phone for me d...

Omar Tan said...

well gratz for you.

But now me bo lui :(