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Thursday, March 5, 2009

If u r kind, please help me... =)

Today is another boring day. Don't ask me why, all I can answer is, it is, very boring. Morning 9a.m got class until 10a.m then free until 2p.m then 1 hour lecture 3p.m free again untill 4p.m, 1 hour lecture till 5p.m. Soooooo, boring, boring timetable, boring lecture, boring library, boring cafeteria, boring school, boring MONASH.

Somemore got the management group work. Ask us to imagine interview a visible manager and imagine the work of the visible man and present it. It sound like stupid idea. This question also cause my dear and I quarrelled just now. It was like "what the..." == Urgh~ I will deal with it, no worry dear.

But after my biology lecture i decided to skip the statistic lecture because the way he teach is just like reading from the text book. An old uncle. I always call him uncle. And tell u what, he is just like reading in another different volume and pitch so that it is different from the text book. And i have no regret in skipping the class.

Went to Sunway pyramid for the second times today. First time is go for lunch with ccy them then the second time is go to register for maxis broadband. But both times also meet Miss Karen and Miss Jianee (forgive me if spell wrong). Ok, i want to talk about the maxis broadband and ask for some advice.

Ok, first choice is, (A)wireless modem with speed 1.2, RM99 per month, it is big like a bread square and weight 0.5kg maybe??, needs power supply to function, there is coverage in my place so no worries, only available for 1 user. Second, (B)wireless modem too with speed 3.6, RM138 per month, it is small like a pendrive with USB port and weight maybe is 300g, not needs power supply and just plug to ur laptop and it will function very well, this also have coverage in my place so no worries, also only available for 1 user.

So, now, choose, which one will you choose so that it is worth enough for the usage maybe 3 years or forever? Come come, help me, I'm freaking out of this thing, help help please.


Omar Tan said...

Haiyo, ur blog put cbox ler, hard to respond to random questions....

Anyway regarding ur Maxis one, gotta ask, how many songs/whatever you download per month? Cause Maxis got download limit wan, I forgot de what happen if you exceed your download limit, so just keep a note on that. And I'll say go for the more expensive one cause its more portable so you can bring it around without having to worry bout power supply and hopefully the area you bring it got coverage ^^

Hope P1 WiMAX will trounce Crappymyx from their throne and offer it in Penang!!!!.

Oh and the contract min. 3 years izzit? Cuz if not, I bet you will change once WiMAX coverage is more broad. In KL not much of a problem ler, latest internet stuffs will pass by KL first and only then Penang :( .

You can check AirZed also :D

Omar Tan @

g3r11 said...

lol...i decided to use maxis already..
coz more portable... as u said..
=) and i check d...
no limit de... so i can online till midnight also nevermind..
=) anyway, thanks for your comment ya..

Omar Tan said...

haha okay, take care now...still not planning to put a cbox in ur blog?

Omar Tan @

P.S: If you need advice about any thing related to electronic/technology dun hesitate to ask cuz I might be able to help ;)

g3r11 said...

i purposely don't wana put cbox de...
let u all view my article and comment mar... =)

Omar Tan said...

tsk tsk tsk, so bad