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Friday, March 27, 2009


Gerli says: Shuhong is going back to penang for "cheng beng" d... ='(

Anoymous says:Hmmm~

Gerli says: Now i'm alone here in sunway...

Anoymous says: Hmmm~ Then take care lor..

Gerli says: My home only left 1 packet of 出前一叮...

Anoymous says: O~ Then go buy urself lor..

Gerli says: Tomorrow she got replacement class for bio then she nida walk to school by her own

Anoymous says: U must learn to be more independent.

Gerli says: Everyday afternoon 4 something sure will rain de... Dinner don't how d..

Anoymous says: Then go buy after the rain stop lor..

Gerli says: Uni life is sooo pressure lar..

Anoymous says: Is like that de lar.

Gerli says: I'm hate raining because i'm scare of the thunder

Anoymous says: Not need scare lar, i'm here for u mar.

Gerli says: Where are u now then? In pudu waiting bus, not here with me also.. XD

Anoymous says: Haiyoo, go bath also scare the thunder. Won't kena u also.

Gerli says: This is my week point mar. Bohhuat de..

Anoymous says: U r sooo luo suo. I will take care de lar.

Gerli says: Always when rain u also don't cover ur head with hand de. If got rain d very easy get
sick de u know!!!

Anoymous says: Hmmm~ K.. I will de..

Gerli says: ==''

Anoymous says: Wad??

Gerli says: Nth lar... Then u take care ya...

Anoymous says: K. Muazk~

I just type out the lame part lar.. Actually u not that black heart lar.. And i know u are busy. But just type this out for fun. Have fun in penang kay? Remember what i say ya..


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