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Monday, March 16, 2009

Funny Weekends

Saw me act dog take picture. Then u will know, I'm fine in sunway here. No sick, No over hungry, No fighting in my daily life, No sadness, All is happiness. Happy, no doult. Recently there are many weird things happen in my life, all i can say is "Hahahahahhahahhahahaha..." =)

First, this week is Lee Phey Chien big day. According to her, she will become king in this whole week. According to Tatt, he now is very desperate. He really need someone to accompany him now and he start to ask me to find him hot chick in my course. So i found this, suuuuuu bummmm de.
But Tatt don't like wor. How? She is cute, she is adore, she is short enough for u, she is not fat, she only sot sot abit, never mind lar, see... she look so suuuu bummmm. Haha... =)

Then another thing is, that day went to ccy there to have dinner, we discovered this...
See... the Kaikin soo happy, don't know for what. XD But this taxi is really funny. I think the driver is sleep or maybe attracked by the bikini at the swimming pool then don't know he drive into a wrong land. Actually the road is only for the resident to walk to reach the swimming pool. Stupid Driver, Hamsap Driver either. Ahahaa~
This the the rubbish dum of my hostel outside the guard house, rubbish mar rubbish lor. Why need to emphasise is KING. Somemore need to draw a crown on it. Haha~ Then the phone number need to emphasise 3838 again. Lol... Try to imagine, the office's operator everyday need to take call and keep repeating say "Hello, here is sampah king, what can i help u?" XD Stupid lar..

Fourth thing is my dear, Shuhong, also stupid enough. Lets look...
Saw what different on his jeans?? Ok~ I zoom in for u all.
Saw? A blur guy take ball pen and draw his jeans by his own. Some say he kisiao already because he can't do the physics quetions, some say he kisiao because he can't do his maths in his maths class, and i say he sot ki liao. Haha~ But the true reason is he thought the pen got covered but actually not so he don't realises he draw his jeans when he missing me. Haha.. No lar, is thinking things. And in the end, i laugh him until he become like this...
Another thing is dear change handphone, so i use it to testing the camera.
So handsome, isn't?
Last, another hot chick want to introduce to Tatt, but sorry, she has bf already. And they very love each other, so Tatt don't try to do kepo kepo things. =)

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