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Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunny Big Head En Tao Ba

So this is the last post for BIG HEAD EN TAO BA :))

What i want to say is OOI ENG SIANG you are still fat and just admit it. Don't ever mention yourself is a muscular man. Please.. I beg you.

This en tao ba also very thick face. Because he is forcing me to call him 帅哥 but i insisted want to call him 大头. Because his head really very big big big big big bigggggg.

He somemore very blur until the time of his flight he also can mistake it. Until the reporter calling his name "Mr OOI ENG SIANG, Mr OOI ENG SIANG, please proceed to the counter, we are immediately boarding." OMG~ swt. ==''

Ok lar. Yesterday he fly to AUS. So I'm here talking something good lar, don't shoot him.
  • his head is big
  • have a nice "pong" hair
  • have a nice "flower" pants
  • my favorite kenari, he is driving.
  • his gf is my best friend
  • what else??
Sorry lar. I really can't find any good thing to talk about u instead of BIG HEAD.

So, happy in AUS, always. Study hard ya. :))


vvc said...

his head whr gt big...
jz his hair alot =P
n oso he is cute ^^

g3r11 said...