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Saturday, January 10, 2009


Today i quite happy because today I work half day only. Saturday mar =) So when after finish working then my parent decided to bring me go to a shopping complex named "First Borneo". Wow~ This shopping complex is 2 times bigger than Queensbay mall. So many restaurant, so many shops, so many entertainment. We have our lunch at Sushi king and we eat a lot =)

上海老街中国城, a very special shop that sell all china traditional things. I heard my mum say she saw a things that she say in China and they are exactly the same but the price is much more expensive in here. So the things sell in this shop cannot buy. "Shhh~ Don't tell others that i tell u all ar.." =)

There is so many soya sause's plate =)
I'm wondering this isn't a Chine produce??

Then my dad feel so boring so he spend his time at Starbuck while I and mum shopping from 3p.m to 8p.m. I ordered iced mocha from him and he like it soooo much. Hehe~ It costed me RM14.45 and when i tell him the price he heard RM4 so he keep praising "Wa... So cheap ar.. Good ar, next time when ur mum shopping here I can spend my time here.." Then when he realized it is RM14.45 he still say it is worth because it is nice. =)
Iced Mocha

After that I went to a shop named DAISO, a japanese shop. There is so many special thing at there and I have buy some of it. Tomorrow i will show u all hehe.

Then i followed my dad to go meet his friend and eat some food (supper) The place is just like a 不夜城 because there is soooo many club there and i saw a lot pretty girl there hehe. My dad and his friend talk talk talk until 11 something we only go home. Phew~ I think i will stop here because tomorrow i still need to wake up early to go morning market. Night and miss u. =)

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