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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A new start

Actually I have used blogspot before, but I more prefer to wretch uploading pic's speed. I also don't know why, recently my wretch web page running tooooo slow until I cannot tahan anymore so i decided to change to blogspot. This fact i have been thinking for quite a long time ago, just busy plus lazy so din't really make any decision. So now decision have made, new blog has opened, welcome u all visit. Just a simple feeling or sometimes some complaining (actually quite a lot).

a new start for me. I being 18 since a few month ago but not really done something 18-ians should do. For example driving, working, clubbing (hmmm.. maybe will get scolded by him), smoking (errrr.. not really... I'm not interested lar..), fighting (ya.. this one i have done it). Hmmm.. what else huh???

The only thing i have done is studying. For myself, for him, for my future, for my parents too. Until now i don't think i have done a good job in this cause always got a feeling is "if i studying more harder, then maybe my result will better. Haiz.. why like that?" But whatever lar.. Result already come out and everything already become fixed there so instead i strugging here also no use. Like tatt's quote "GG liao~"

This year i stepping into university for my higher level study. I seem to be excited and curious how uni life will be. Because through my friend and my cousin's story, uni life seem to be fun and enjoyable. Hah~ for them is, but for me i don't think i can enjoy n have fun in uni (how to compare.. their result better than mine ler..). But there is another thing i being excited is i'm going to stay alone in hostel for 3 years. Wow~ Finally i have my freedom. =)

My first salary in my life also happen in 2009. Although the money cannot be count a lot but at least i earn it by wake up early almost everyday and helping them cleaning, tidying and selling the books. I think this can be count as my first work in my life. Kind of different feeling because the money is I earn myself without parent's helping.

By the way, today we have done a great job. Guys, feels great to meet with u all again, hope we will meet each other in future. Maybe in Monash U or anywhere.

Last thing i want to say is good luck to all 2008 HSC-ians.

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