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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Boy's Birthday

Hohoho~ This morning, i mean 2.30 a.m, i decided to bring a cake and drive to his house to give him a birthday surprise. Mana tau, when i reach his house i only realize that he didn't switch on his phone. Then how I'm going to call him out. Boh koh leng go press his door bell and wake the whole family de mar. Swt swt swt~ So, plan A, fail. I made a big mistake cause i didn't ask him don't switch off his phone. Sad, then i finish the slice of cake my own, how sad is this.

Actually he very cute, he chose his birthday day to cut his hair. And he decided to cut short hair cause he don't want to being laugh by his friend anymore. Conclusion is he don't want to look like a girl because his hair is long last time. Hehe~
Nah.. See.. Short a lot already.. Wei Khang, don't laugh him again har..
Hehe~ Joking.. =)

That day when new year eve we already want to watch Outlander but all full house so we didn't watch. Then today, don't care any reason we must watch Outlander already.
Omg~ This movie is so... 'ganas'. The way the people being killed is so gili, yurkss.. First time i felt that watching a movie that is torturing me is this OUTLANDER. Furthermore, there is many parts in this movie cutted by government i think and this cause the movie got some part quite dissapointed him. I hate the monster in this movie and i hate the way they eat human. Urghhhh~ Really very 'ganas'. The blood is spliting all over the floor, and the human body is separated all over the floor too. Maybe is my own problem cause i really cannot accept the way the people being killed and the blood spliting, arrrr... Omg~ Then when i watch till the end part of the movie I keep borrowing his hand to cover my face. Different people different comment lar. He say this movie nice and worth to watch, for me is ok lar. Hehe~ =)

Then finish movie we went to Sakae again, his favourate. This time we order a lot because i got my first salary and his too. So we now can count is rich man. Hehe~ Therefore, we eat until both of us very very very full.
His seafood tempanyaki set. We tried this last time.
Mine unagi don. I first time try this one. Quite nice. If 5 star is full then I will give 3.5 star. Because I like the rice since last time i went taiwan and I have fall in love with sushi rice.
He is acting cute. Hehe~
Me =)

After this, we going to Haagen Dazs to buy icecream. Because last time i promise my aunt when i get my first salary i will spend my aunt eat haagen dazs icecream so now i buy a big icecream and he say coffee flavour nicer, so i buy a large coffee icecream for my aunt.

Now is the time to show him his surprise. Actually just now in Boarders i already show him the card i make for him and he tell me his tears nearly come out. Ahaha~ Means my surprise is success. Yay~ Then when reach home i force him to take photo with the card.
Happy Birthday my boy, hehe~ Tomorrow i'm going to sabah for 11 days. Hmmm.. Going to miss u all and he too. But, I will be back soon. No worries. Need to stop here because i need to keep all my things.

Toodles =)

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