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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I think it is a booklet

Just a simple post for my special cousin cause he keep asking me to show him the card i made for shuhong. So now I'm here to post some picture.

At first I really don't know where to start and how to start to make the card so it is a blank paper.
If you wana ask me why i choose green colour then u better don't ask because i also don't know why.

Since i really don't have any ideas so i decided to print the picture out and cut it. Another reason is to drag the time so i can find some ideas to start the card.
This is the paper i used to cut love shape and after i cut all the love shape i realize this paper looks cute and there is a pattern on it. Coincidence i think. =)

In the end i decided to surf web to find some idea on this card and finally i found and idea so i start the card and this takes me 2 whole day to finish the whole booklet. And tadaa, I'm done!!!
Ok~ Just something simple writing and simple story between us. Some is secret lar.. So paiseh can't show to u all. The end. =)

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神秘 said...

Omg,so lovely!!!Didn't see u wish me on my b'day!!sobxx...T.T