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Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy XD

I got Monash!!!!



khor jiexun said...

yesh la congratulations!
same uni as sh meaning will live together? =p
i wanna be uncle khor!
faster reproduce!


神秘 said...

omg,u same uni with him???
wah,CNY must come out celebrate ad!! going kL??

g3r11 said...

haha.. jx.. u dun joking d lar..
not yet can reproduce.. at least u reproduce first then onli us lar.. =)

he stil not yet confirm yet.. so mb he din take monash.. duno him.. wakaka.. cny i ll find u.. ya.. goin sunway..

liow yingtian said...

haha congratulations anyway! like what jx say, can reproduce d lar. haha.

g3r11 said...

lol... thanks anyway.. =)