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Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy day

Today early morning 6.45a.m woke up and went to my dad's office to work. I promised him to help him work so he will pay me RM10 per day. But... Today he borrow RM20 from me and pay back me RM50. Hehe~ So means i earned another RM20. Haha~ =)

Work whole day non-stop. Wow~ Until my phone keep ringing i also didn't heard that. Today i received a good news too. I got Monash University!!! Wahaha~ My parent very happy too so decided to spend me eat holiao. And my mum suddenly think of the Korea restaurant so we change our plan and go to eat Korea food.

Dinner time. A new place selling Korea food near where i don't know lar. Let picture tell u all how delicious the food is. =)
I don't know what this name. Before eat this need to add some sauce then mix it together only eat. Very nice.
Then this is 人参鸡汤. Very nice super nice. I like this the most and this is so special because inside the soup got 糯米. Special right? =)
And this is Kimchi. Hmmm~ I think this tasted weird. Sour a bit and spicy a bit.
Just because my poor daddy don't like Kimchi and he want to try new things so he nye nye want to order a omelet fried rice for himself. Naughty him. =)
Nah... Naughty guy here. Say hi.. =)

After dinner then go shop for my shampoo and milk. Back home and they continue watch tv (actually is continue the hongkong drama) while I'm helping my dad with his paper work. So now I'm finish the work and blogging here. Going to sleep because tomorrow still need to wake up early to go office working. Night everybody and he too. XO

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