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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday My Boy =)

Tick Tock Tick Tock~ Finally 7.1.2009 already and i have mentioned i have a big project need to be complete. Now the day before his birthday i have done it and it is ready to be present to him. I have 2 surprise and 1 present for him. Hope he will like it. Wish he have a unforgetable birthday.

He always tell me that he din really celebrate his birthday every year and this make me curious because for me, my birthday is the biggest day for me in the whole year and I sure will celebrate it and hope to get present from my friend and parent also. But for him, his birthday like nothing and like normal day for him. Hmmm.. kind of different from my thinking. So i just thinking of to celebrate with him and planning to count down with him. Who know when 11 something he told me he sleepy already and need to go to sleep already. And this like "HUH~ not need to count down with you ar..??" And he said nevermind plus i think he is tired so i let him go sleep and wish him HAPPY BIRTHDAY 1 hour earlier. What to do.. Hehe..

Kind of regret because i din really start the big project earlier just because of lazy. If i start it earlier then maybe now it will be nicer. Photo about that thing i will upload tomorrow and show to u all because now it is still a secret.

So now... What i should do? Sleep? Or go to his house and give him a surprise? I'm still thinking about it.

Anyway, Happy Birthday my boy. Good luck it your further study.

p.s I'm still thinking want to go his house or not
pp.s Now i damn sleepy

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