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Monday, January 12, 2009


Sorry for late. Promised to show u all the thing i bought in Daiso.
Guess what is this?
Hehe~ IQ toy. When combine will become like that. =)
Lots of panda and chickyyy
Ok lar.. Just a light ball.

Yesterday is Sunday. So conclusion is I didn't have to work and I can go shopping. =) Early morning my mum drag me go morning market to have a look. Because when I'm small I like to go the morning market a lot. As usual morning market in sabah, u can find lots of traditional things and food.
Little blue bird =)

and lots of flower

Just a simple morning market. Then i accompany my dad go jogging, must exercise to become slim. Hehe~

Then today started to work again and get scolded by my mum this morning because i have done a stupid mistake. But nevermind, learn from the mistake, right?? =) Night then.

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