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Thursday, January 8, 2009

First day in Sabah

Wohooo~ I'm now in Sabah, home sweet home =) Whatever... First day I reached Sabah then i get dragged to work in my dad's office. What to do, my big daddy mar.. But nevermind, i will be given salary but is RM10 per day niaaaa... --''

Lets show u all my sweet home =)
Haizz.. I know my bed very ugly just because I'm not here so my mum changed my bed become so AH YEE~ Urgh.. ==''
The funniest thing is my mum move our kitchen to the garden so this look like a women cooking in a forest. XD
Ok, this is my lovely mum and she is cooking dinner for us. Do u saw the window? The kitchen is ourside the house.
This is the view from my house. My mum really look alike people cooking in jail (forest too). Wakaka~

And i discovered something very cute.This is a cap from my daddy and i realize it is a 钟灵校友会's cap. So ugly wakaka~ Joking lar.. =)

Now i want to introduce a nice magazine i found on the table. Vmag. This magazine is talking about fashion, branded stuff, place to travel, introduce famous people, some spa and massage,cosmetics,and a lot a lot. Very nice.
This high heel impressed me. Wow~
A simple dinner cooked by my lovely mum. Then tv a while then sleep. =)

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